Medical care is expensive in the United States and Canada.  Many Americans can’t afford medical care where they live, and Canadians suffer through long waits in the Canadian system.  For more than 30 years North Americans have been coming to Costa Rica for affordable medical care. In Costa Rica, patients can get the care they need at prices that are often 50% to 80% lower than prices in the US and Canada. In addition, the quality of care and the type of equipment is the same as they would get at home.

What is the cost savings for medical services in Costa Rica?

Facelift  $10,000  $5,000  50%
Rhinoplasty  $6,500  $3,800  41%
Breast Augmentation  $6,500  $3,500  46%
Breast Lift  $7,000  $4,000  43%
Tummy Tuck  $8,000  $5,000  38%
Gastric Lap Band  $14,000  $9,500  32%
Gastric Sleeve  $16,500  $11,500  30%
Gastric Bypass  $25,000  $12,900  48%
Hip Replacement  $40,000  $13,600  66%
Knee Replacement  $35,000  $12,500  64%
Spinal Fusion  $110,000  $15,700  85%
Angioplasty  $28,200  $13,800  51%
Heart Bypass  $123,000  $27,000  78%
Heart Valve Replacement  $170,000  $30,000  82%
Hysterectomy  $15,400  $6,900  55%
Cataract (per eye)  $3,500  $1,700  51%
Lasik (both eyes)  $4,000  $2,400  40%

Note: Prices are an approximation. Please contact us at the Costa Rica Medical Guide and we will help you find specific procedure pricing from qualified medical professionals.

Flight from US or Canada: $650-$850
Hotel: (7-10 days) $800-$1000

The prices shown are approximate. The actual price will depend on many factors, including the doctor, the scope of the procedure, materials used, personal medical health, and travel preferences. Other costs may apply, such as medications. Contact a doctor or a clinic in Costa Rica in order to get a more accurate price.


The cost of the flight is based on a one-week round trip New York City to San Jose, Costa Rica. It may vary depending on your departure city and the time of year. The price of the hotel is based on a week’s stay at an American chain hotel. Other hotels may charge different rates, and the length and timing of your stay may also affect the price.

The Greater Your Need…the More You Save

As you can see, the more complex the procedure you need and the more procedures you need, the greater the cost-savings when you choose to receive your medical care in Costa Rica. Many international patients take advantage of the trip to receive additional procedures such as dental work (veneers, teeth whitening or even cosmetic surgery), which is also very affordable in Costa Rica.

Why is medical care so expensive in the US?

  • The costs of running a medical clinic are very high. From 60% to 80% of the money you pay to a doctor goes to covering these costs.
  • Your medical insurance may not cover what you need or want, or the deductible may be so high and/or coverage may be so small it’s still less expensive to fly to Costa Rica.. It is likely that even if you have medical insurance, you will end up paying a substantial portion of your medical costs. In reality, very often medical insurance in the US actually works much more like a discount plan than an insurance policy.
  • High prices lead to neglect, which in turn lead to even higher prices. If you don’t get treatment because it’s too expensive, then later on, you will need treatment that is even more expensive.  When you postpone medical care, you are inviting higher treatment prices later in your life.

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