If you’ve been injured in an accident, suffer from a sports injury, or arthritis, or other degenerative joint disease, or just have too much mileage on those aging bones, Costa Rica offers a variety of solutions in orthopedics.

What is Orthopedics?

Orthopedics is the area of medicine that takes care of diseases, injuries and conditions of the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic specialists in Costa Rica provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment of problems that develop in the bones, joints, ligaments and tendons of the human body.

Orthopedic specialists can provide care in cases of injuries, such as sprains, strains, dislocation, or broken bones. They also can suggest joint replacement or reconstructive surgery. Orthopedists usually have specific areas of specialization, such as the feet, hands, shoulders, spine, hips and knees.

For many people in the USA and Canada, orthopedic surgeries, such as knee and hip replacements, are too expensive and are sometimes not covered by insurance. Affordable orthopedics in Costa Rica are available at a much lower cost, yet with the same high level of service and quality that you’d expect from a North American clinic. Costa Rica is a leading medical tourism destination with several prestigious orthopedic centers that receive international patients seeking a variety of orthopedic surgery procedures.

The benefit about having orthopedic surgery in Costa Rica is that there are so many beautiful places to stay with excellent facilities while you recover. Medical tourism in Costa Rica has first-class infrastructure and services readily available to medical tourists.

Here are some of the most common orthopedic surgeries available in Costa Rica:

Knee Replacement

Sometimes our knees can become severely damaged, for example, due to advanced osteoarthritis or trauma caused by an accident. If you have difficulty walking or climbing stairs because of your knees, or feel pain in your knees while sitting or lying down, these may be symptoms of damage. If conventional treatments have failed to return your knee to its natural level of functionality, then you may be a candidate for a knee replacement.

Hip Replacement

A hip replacement is a critical surgery for people with hip pain caused by degenerative joint disease, rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, fractures, or birth deformities. Hip replacements are normally age-related – mostly performed on people aged 60 to 80 years old. However, hip replacements also can be performed on younger patients if necessary. Hip replacement surgery involves replacing your natural hip joint with an artificial one, usually made of metal and durable plastic, sometimes ceramic. Hip replacement surgery restores joint motion and regenerates muscle and ligament function.

Shoulder Surgery

Your shoulder is the most flexible joint in your body. Problems in your shoulder can result from overdoing repetitive activities – partial and full rotator cuff tears, or from injuries such as shoulder dislocations and fractures, and from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis as we age. If shoulder pain begins to limit what you can do and normal daily activities become painful, and conventional treatments fail to return your shoulder to its natural level of functionality, then you may be a candidate for shoulder surgery.

Spinal Surgery

There are many causes of back pain: overuse, injuries, being excessively overweight, or just getting older. When back pain does not go away in a short period of time, whether on its own or with conventional methods (ice/heat, muscle rubs, massage, chiropractic care, etc.), you may have a problem that requires spinal surgery.

Orthopedic surgeons in Costa Rica offer several kinds of spinal surgeries:

  • Disk Fusion
  • Disk Replacement
  • Discectomy
  • Spinal Cord Stimulator

Orthopedic Surgery in Costa Rica

There are many specialized orthopedic surgeons in Costa Rica who can assist you with the orthopedic procedure you need. If you are interested in orthopedic surgery in Costa Rica, please fill out the “Help Me Find a Doctor” form. A participating medical specialist will contact you about your medical needs.