When the gall bladder starts to develop gall stones, there is no effective method to treat it. Once you feel the pain and nausea, the only permanent solution is to have gall bladder removal surgery, also known as a laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

Unfortunately, many Americans can’t afford the procedure without going into debt. Canadians have another problem: a long waiting list, which implies months of pain or painkillers. However, everyone who needs help can now go to Costa Rica, obtain the procedure at a much lower price in a hospital equipped with the latest medical equipment.

It is not known what causes gall stones to appear, risks factors include being a woman, overweight, previous pregnancies, and age. In the marketplace, and especially online, there are many treatments that are not approved by modern medicine, which unsurprisingly, do not work. Once the gall stones have developed to a size where they cause pain, it’s time to remove the gall bladder through surgery. Most people function well without a gall bladder with a few minor dietary changes.

Fortunately, the surgery is pretty standard and low risk, and nowadays is done with a mini camera called laparoscope, and micro surgical instruments. The surgery is done under general anesthesia and the patient can typically leave the hospital after two days. Moreover, total recovery takes only a couple of weeks. Patients who come to Costa Rica are encouraged to stay for at least a week if possible, to be monitored. However, the speed of recovery depends on the patient’s general state of health.

Which would you prefer: waiting for months in discomfort or taking a flight to Costa Rica to meet a reputable and experienced surgeon and surgical team, and get rid of pain and risks once and for all? For many people, the answer is clearly to go to Costa Rica.

The average cost of a gall bladder removal surgery in Costa Rica is $9,650 US dollars. Your package will also include:

Private transportation (1 airport and 3 hospital round trip transfers)

Hospital Costs (surgery room, equipment, supplies, medications, etc.)

Hospitalization if needed (companion can stay at no extra cost)

Medical team fees (surgeon, assistant and anesthesiologist)

Regular discharge medication

Pre-operative exams (blood tests, EKG and an evaluation by an internist)

Pre-op and Post-op appointment with lead surgeon

Please keep in mind that these prices do not include the costs incurred in case of medical complications, extended hospital stays, blood transfusions, etc., which although rare, can occur and therefore could increase the final price.

If you are interested in gall bladder removal surgery in Costa Rica and just want a life free of pain, please fill out the “Find a Doctor” form. A participating medical specialist will reply.