Total Knee Replacement Surgery in Costa RicaIf you need total knee replacement surgery, you probably are experiencing pain and limited mobility. Our goal is to help you recover your mobility and reduce your pain by helping you find excellent affordable care for your knee replacement in Costa Rica.

The term “knee replacement” is misleading, since despite popular belief, your knee joint doesn’t really get replaced. It’s only the worn surfaces of the bones that get replaced. The medical term for the procedure is “knee arthroplasty.”

Unlike a partial knee replacement surgery, a total knee replacement surgery involves replacing the surfaces of all three elements of the knee: the sides, the inside, and the front. These are replaced with metal and durable plastic components that mimic the smooth, natural surfaces of the joint. After recovery, your knee will move smoothly again.

Preparation for the procedure includes X-rays, tests, and an evaluation by the surgeon. The doctor and an anesthesiologist will decide, with the help of your input, whether to put you under general or local anesthesia.

The surgery itself takes 1 or 2 hours, although you may spend several days in the hospital during recovery. There will be a recovery program, including physical therapy sessions, gradual non-impact exercise and blood clot prevention.

The average price for a single total knee replacement in Costa Rica is $15,250 US dollars. To replace both knees at the same time, the average price is $27,250 US dollars. These prices include:

  • 8 physical therapy sessions
  • Private transportation (1 airport and 3 hospital round-trip transfers)
  • Hospital Costs (surgery room, equipment, supplies, medications, etc.)
  • Hospitalization (a companion can stay at no extra cost)
  • Medical team fees (surgeon, assistant and anesthesiologist)
  • Regular discharge medication
  • Pre-operative exams (blood tests, EKG and an evaluation by an internist)
  • Pre-op and Post-op appointment with lead surgeon

Please keep in mind that these prices do not include the costs incurred in case of medical complications, extended hospital stays, blood transfusions, etc., which although rare, can occur and therefore could increase the final price.

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