Some surgeries can restore your quality of life by eliminating pain and making it easier to get around. A partial knee replacement does that for many people.

Age, injury, arthritis, genetics, and other conditions may cause the bones and tissues in the knee to wear, resulting in pain. When the pain becomes chronic, a doctor might suggest a partial knee replacement procedure.

Sadly, for many people in the USA and Canada, the cost (or waiting time) may discourage them from seeking prompt treatment. Fortunately, excellent and affordable medical care is available in Costa Rica and we are happy to help you find an excellent doctor who will manage your care and help you find the best surgical team to perform your surgery.

A partial knee replacement surgery involves the removal of the worn surface from one of the knee’s three components. This is replaced with a special prosthetic that provides a new, smooth surface.

Partial knee replacement surgery is a routine procedure that is usually free of complications. You’ll typically stay in the hospital or recovery center from two to four days to be monitored while you recover.

After surgery, you’ll receive physical therapy to help you regain the full function of your knee. After the procedure and recovery, most patients experience a reduction of pain by 90% or more.

Costa Rica Medical Guide will help you can find high-quality care at affordable prices with an English-speaking surgeon. All you have to do is come to Costa Rica.

The average cost of partial knee replacement surgery in Costa Rica is $12,750 US dollars. Your package will likely include:

  • 8 physical therapy sessions
  • Private transportation (1 airport and 3 hospital roundtrip transfers)
  • Hospital Costs (surgery room, equipment, supplies, medications, etc.)
  • Hospitalization if needed (companion can stay at no extra cost)
  • Medical team fees (surgeon, assistant and anesthesiologist)
  • Regular discharge medication
  • Pre-operative exams (blood tests, EKG and an evaluation by an internist)
  • Pre-op and Post-op appointment with lead surgeon

Please keep in mind that these prices do not include the costs incurred in case of medical complications, extended hospital stays, blood transfusions, etc. which although rare, can occur and therefore could increase the final price.

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