Carpal tunnel release surgery in Costa Rica

Years of using a computer can cause people to feel pain, numbness or weakness in their hands, a condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel release surgery is the procedure used to reverse such a condition and bring the hand back to normal condition.

Despite the commonality of this condition, which is caused by modern life, the procedure remains out of the financial reach of many people. Fortunately for them, Costa Rica offers the possibility of relief from pain at a hospital equipped with the same equipment you’d find home, and with trained surgeons that speak your language.

The movement and sensation of your fingers is controlled by the median nerve, which goes through a small passage, called the carpal tunnel. When this tunnel is compressed or hurt, it blocks the nerve and its functions. Over time, the damage becomes chronic. In order to reverse this situation, the surgeon cuts a ligament on top of the carpal tunnel, releasing space and the pressure on the median nerve, allowing it to heal and recover its functions.

As you can imagine, the procedure is simple and extremely safe, typically requiring only local anesthesia. You do not typically need to spend a night at the hospital. However, recovery will depend greatly on how long you’ve had the symptoms and the length of the damage.

You know that stopping using a computer is not an option and that the pain and weakness will just increase with time if left untreated. Why not come to Costa Rica and get a safe, high quality surgery without having to pay a small fortune that wipe out your savings? Plus, it’s a great excuse to enjoy the stunning beauty of our country and the warmth of our people.

The average cost of a carpal tunnel release surgery is $4,250 US dollars for one wrist or $5,650 US dollars for both wrists. Your package will also include:

Private transportation (1 airport and 3 hospital roundtrip transfers)

Hospital Costs (surgery room, equipment, supplies, medications, etc.)

Hospitalization if needed (companion can stay at no extra cost)

Medical team fees (surgeon, assistant and anesthesiologist)

Regular discharge medication

Pre-operative exams (blood tests, EKG and an evaluation by an internist)

Pre-op and Post-op appointment with lead surgeon

Please keep in mind that these prices do not include the costs incurred in case of medical complications, extended hospital stays, blood transfusions, etc., which although rare, can occur and therefore could increase the final price.

If you are interested in carpal tunnel release surgery in Costa Rica and just want a life free of pain, please fill out the “Find a Doctor” form. A participating medical specialist will reply.