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Neurology is the medical specialty that treats the illnesses and conditions of the nervous system, composed of the central nervous system (the brain Neurons - Neurology, Neurologic Specialistsand the spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system (the nerves that connect the central system to the rest of the body).

In addition, a neurologist treats the symptoms and discomfort that arises from illnesses or conditions of the nervous system. Physicians who specialize in neurology are called neurologists. Read more

Neurology doesn’t involve the use of surgery, but rather the use of non-invasive treatments, like medications and therapy. If surgery is necessary, a patient needs to contact a neurosurgeon. However, surgery should always be treated as a last resort, and even then, only after a careful analysis of the potential benefits and risks, as any damage to the brain or spinal column, or nerves can have serious consequences.

As is typical when it comes to treatment of vital body organs, any disease or condition that affects the nervous system should be treated as soon as possible, in order to reduce the risks of permanent damage and its consequences.

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