Costa Rica, Orthopedic Surgeries, Spinal SurgeryYears of bad posture, injuries, or simply age can damage the spinal vertebrae and cause chronic pain. A lumbar laminectomy with fusion is the only solution left for people who have tried non-surgical methods unsuccessfully.

However, it is a harsh reality that many Americans simply cannot afford the surgery in the US. This is even truer for many senior citizens who are the ones who need the procedure the most. And many Canadians must wait a year or more for back surgery. That’s why we work on helping patients contact highly skilled doctors in Costa Rica who can provide the procedure safely at a fraction of the price without the wait.

The pain and numbness that many patients feel in the lower part of their back is the result of compression of the spinal nerve. When the vertebrae start to deteriorate, they “crumble” and “pinch” the nerve. The procedure involves the removal of part of the vertebrae bone in order to give the nerve more space. The surgeon also inserts bone tissue in order to stabilize the spine. This part of the procedure is called the fusion and in some cases, it also involves medical rods surgically secured to support the spine.

After the surgery, you’ll need to spend a few days in the hospital and then some days in bed in your hotel. After that, you may need from 1 to 6 months before resuming normal activities, depending on your age and condition.

But most importantly, pain will be either eliminated or reduced. If that’s what you want, let us help you arrange treatment. Contact us today so we can get you in touch with a Costa Rican surgeon and hospital that will provide the procedure with a high level of safely and without having to spend a fortune.

The average cost of a 1-level lumbar laminectomy surgery plus fusion in Costa Rica is $23,450 US dollars. If your treatment requires 2 levels of lumbar laminectomy and fusion, the average cost is $27,450 US dollars. Your package will also include:

  • 3 physical therapy sessions
  • Private transportation (1 airport and 3 hospital round trip transfers)
  • Hospital Costs (surgery room, equipment, supplies, medications, etc.)
  • Hospitalization if needed (companion can stay at no extra cost)
  • Medical team fees (surgeon, assistant and anesthesiologist)
  • Regular discharge medication
  • Pre-operative exams (blood tests, EKG and an evaluation by an internist)
  • Pre-op and Post-op appointment with lead surgeon

Please keep in mind that these prices do not include the costs incurred in case of medical complications, extended hospital stays, blood transfusions, etc., which although rare, can occur and therefore could increase the final price.

If you are interested in a lumbar laminectomy and fusion surgery in Costa Rica and just want a life free of pain, please fill out the “Find a Doctor” form. A participating medical specialist will reply.