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Internal Medicine - Internist, Medical Specialty

Internal medicine is the medical specialty that deals with the diseases of the internal organs of the body, especially in adults. A doctor that specializes in internal medicine is called an internist.

In addition to treating diseases, an internist also works in preventing diseases from occurring in the first place, as well as in easing or eliminating the discomfort caused by the symptoms.

An internist frequently treats different diseases in two or more body organs at the same time, making sure that the treatment of one disease doesn’t interfere with another and analyzing the priorities of the illnesses and treating them accordingly. Read more

Internists are typically the specialists that treat patients that experience discomfort or symptoms whose causes have not been properly identified.

Many internists choose to specialize in a body part (liver, heart, etc.), a body function (breathing, fertility services), or a stage of life (gerontology). Some of them specialize in the functions of the female or the male body. Hide this content.

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