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While some tourists come to Costa Rica to obtain affordable health care, most tourists come to enjoy the tourist attractions and the natural beauty of the country.

However, on any trip, there is always a small risk of getting sick or injured. Of course, this can happen in any country, not just Costa Rica. The illnesses can be mild, like a sore throat, or can cause great discomfort, like vomiting and fever.  In a few rare patients, the exposure to new food or ambiance can cause allergic reactions, like rashes, or act as a trigger causing a previous condition to reoccur. Read more

If the situation is serious, you should look for emergency care.  However, the vast majority of cases are not life threatening and require a simple visit to a general practitioner.

While a General Practitioner typically treats patients and families over the long term, for medical tourists, he or she is the person to go to in case of common health issues that might occur during trips.  Some of the most frequent symptoms might be vomiting, fever, infections, diarrhea, sore throats, colds, dizziness, tolerable pain due to accidents, etc.

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