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It’s always a good idea to know who to contact and where to go to in case of emergency even if you are traveling. This is true for every trip, but even more so if the trip is made for medical reasons. For example, all surgical procedures carry a certain amount of risk, which will depend on the specific procedure and your specific health conditions. Many medical tourists figure they’ll just contact the doctor that is treating them, but this is not always possible. Remember that emergencies can occur in the middle of the night or on weekends or holidays.

There are Red Cross/Cruz Roja facilities in every town of any size, but in addition, doctors and hospitals in this section are qualified to provide emergency care for foreign patients. They will be able to arrange for transportation and treatment on an urgent basis. All doctors and many of the staff members can speak English fluently, so you don’t have to worry about remembering Spanish in a difficult moment in order to communicate what the problem is. When the conditions allow it, arrangements for transportation back home can be made. Emergency air medical transport specialists are recommended to transport you home or to another medical facility of your choosing.

Nevertheless, it’s always better to prevent such an incident by talking with your doctor, understanding the risks, and taking the necessary steps to prevent or reduce them.

If you are in need of emergency medical care while in Costa Rica, the following public and private hospitals are available.

Public Hospitals


  • Carlos Luis Valverde Vega
    At: 400 metres north of the municipal market, San Ramon, Alajuela
    Tel: 2456-9700
  • San Carlos Hospital
    At: 2 Km north of the Ciudad Quesada Cathedral, San Carlos, Alajuela
    Tel: 2401-1200
  • Upala Hospital
    At: 100 metres before Upala High School, Upala, Alajuela
    Tel: 2470-0058
  • Los Chiles Hospital
    At: 300 metres south of Los Chiles police station
    Tel: 2471-2000
  • San Francisco de Asis Hospital
    At: 400 meters east of the bus terminal, Grecia, Alajuela
    Tel: 2494-6444
  • San Rafael Hospital
    At: 100 metres south of the ICE building, Alameda Tomas Guardia, Alajuela
    Tel: 2436-1001


  • Maximiliano Peralta Jimenez
    At: 300 metres south of the Central Park, Cartago
    Tel: 2550-1999
  • Roberto Chacon Paul Psychiatric Hospital
    At: 4 Km north of La Union Municipality, Tres Rios, Cartago
    Tel: 2216-6400


  • Enrique Baltodano Briceño Hospital
    At: Barrio Moracia, adjacent to the Red Cross, Liberia, Guanacaste
    Tel: 2690-2300
  • Hospital Clinica San Rafael Arcangel
    At: Calle 3, between Av. Central-Av. 2, Liberia, Guanacaste
    Tel: 2666-1717
  • Hospital CIMA
    At: 20 km west of Liberia on Hwy. 21 to Hwy. 253, Comunidad, Guanacaste
    Tel: 2690-8500
  • La Anexion Hospital
    At: In front of Pali supermarket, Central Avenue, Nicoya, Guanacaste
    Tel: 2685-8400


  • San Vicente de Paul Heredia Hospital
    At: 850 meters south of the Palacio de los Deportes
    Tel: 2562-8100


  • Guapiles Hospital
    At: 100 metres west of the Banco Popular (Popular Bank), Guapiles, Limón
    Tel: 2710-6801


  • Ciudad Neily Hospital
    At: From the entrance of Ciudad Neily, 2 Km towards Paso Canoas
    Tel: 2785-9600
  • Golfito Hospital
    At: 400 metres north of the Catholic Church, Barrio Alameda, Golfito, Puntarenas
    Tel: 2775-7900
  • Osa Hospital Tomas Casas Casajus
    At: 500 metres north of the Ojo de Agua School, Ciudad Cortes, Osa, Puntarenas
    Tel: 2788-7065
  • San Vito Hospital
    At: Barrio Tres Rios, San Vito de Coto Brus, Puntarenas
    Tel: 2773-3103
  • Max Teran Valls Hospital
    At: 200 metres south of the airport on the road to Dominical, La Managua de Quepos, Quepos, Puntarenas
    Tel: 2774-9500
  • Monseñor Sanabria Martinez Hospital
    At: 400 metres east of San Isidro Cabins, El Roble, Puntarenas
    Tel: 2630-8000

San José

  • National Rehabilitation Center
    At: Behind Hospital  Mexico, La Uruca, San José
    Tel: 2232-8233
  • Women’s Hospital Adolfo Carit Eva
    At: In front of the MUSOC bus stations, Plaza Viquez, San José
    Tel: 2523-5900
  • Fernando Escalante Pradilla Hospital
    At: East side of the Municipal Stadium, Perez Zeledon, San Isidro
    Tel: 2785-0700
  • Hospital Mexico
    At: In front of the General Canas Highway, next to the Juan Pablo Segundo Bridge, La Uruca, San José
    Tel: 2242-6700
  • Raul Blanco Cervantes National Geriatrics and Gerontology Hospital
    At: Av. 8, between Av. 16-20, Downtown San José
    Tel: 2542-2100
  • Carlos Saenz Herrera Children’s Hospital
    At: Next to the San Juan de Dios Hospital, Paseo Colon, downtown San José
    Tel: 2523-3600
  • National Psychiatric Hospital
    At: 1.5 Km west of the USA Embassy, Pavas, San José
    Tel: 2232-2155
  • Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia Hospital
    At: Avenida 7 & 9, Calles 15 & 17, Downtown San Jose
    Tel: 2212-1000
  • San Juan de Dios Hospital
    At: Avenida Paseo Colon, Calle 20, next to the Children’s Hospital, downtown San José
    Tel: 2547-8000

Private Hospitals

  • Hospital CIMA San José
    At: Next to Avenida Escazu, 1 km east of Multiplaza, Escazú
    Tel: 2208-1000
  • Hospital Clínica Bíblica
    At: Avenida 1 & Central, Calles 14 & 16, downtown San José
    Tel: 2522-1000 / 2522-1030 (emergencies)
  • Hospital Clinica Catolica & Hotel
    At: In front of the tribunals, Montelimar, Moravia, San José
    Tel: 2246-3000 / 800-2286-5488 (emergencies)

Alternative Numbers to the 911

  • Police (Fuerza Pública)
    Tel: 1117
  • Fire Fighters (Bomberos)
    Tel: 1118
  • Red Cross (Cruz Roja)
    Tel: 2221-5818
  • Transit Police
    Tel: 800-8726-7486
  • Drug Control Police
    Tel: 800-376-4266

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