Costa Rica, Cosmetic Body Surgeries, Body Lift ,Body Thigh Lift, Gastric BypassFor people who have had a lot of weight loss in a short period of time, such as after gastric bypass surgery, etc., oftentimes a lot of extra skin is left behind. This skin hangs down in loose folds ruining their silhouette as well as impacting their self-esteem and body image, because they can’t wear form-fitting clothes despite their significant weight loss. For older people, natural loss of skin elasticity is also a factor in sagging skin.

Thigh lifts are reshaping cosmetic body surgeries that remove excess or sagging skin and fat from the sides of the thighs and the inner thighs.

A body lift incorporates a thigh lift, and is to your abdomen (tummy), hips, thighs and butt what a facelift is to your face. It offers the most dramatic transformation re-sculpting and tightening your mid and lower body. A body lift includes a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), a thigh lift, and a butt lift. Body lift surgery does not replace liposuction and often is done in conjunction.

Having a body lift in Costa Rica, and/or a thigh lift in Costa Rica, is a smart alternative to high-priced cosmetic surgeries in North America that are normally not covered by insurance. Body lifts and thigh lifts in Costa Rica are safe, affordable cosmetic body surgeries performed by highly-skilled surgeons.

How is Body Lift surgery & Thigh Lift surgery done?

Both body lift surgery and thigh lift surgery are performed under general anesthesia.

In body lift surgery, excess skin and underlying fat are removed through incisions, which are designed to end up being as concealed as possible – around the belt-line of your waist, across your lower abdomen and down your inner thighs. Your surgeon will remove excess fat and tissue before pulling your skin taut and trimming it. The incisions will then be sutured closed and covered with bandages and compression garments. Drain tubes may be placed at the incision to draw out fluids.

During a thigh lift, excess skin is lifted and removed through incisions made in the inner thigh and/or high upper outer thigh. There are many types of thigh lifts, differentiated by the size and shape of the incision used to remove excess skin, fat and tissue. Your plastic surgeon will evaluate which type of thigh lift is best for you.

What is recovery like after a Body Lift & Thigh Lift in Costa Rica?

After surgery is complete, you normally will be discharged from the hospital within 5 – 7 days. There will be a period of bruising, swelling and soreness. It may take from two weeks to two months for you to recover. You will likely need to avoid strenuous activity for several months. Sometimes a compression stocking may need to be worn to help with optimum blood circulation, usually only for a few days. It is important to follow your surgeon’s post-operative care instructions so that your skin and underlying tissue can heal properly for beautiful, healthy results.

Benefits of Body Lifts & Thigh Lifts

  • Enjoy a smoother, trimmer, younger-looking figure
  • Repair and remove drooping skin, fat, and tissue around your abdomen, thighs and butt
  • Get rid of overhanging skin that may cause painful chafing, rashes and infections
  • Take care of multiple cosmetic procedures at one time
  • Enjoy sexier legs
  • Your body will appear more shapely and proportional
  • Improve your appearance and self-confidence
  • Move more freely and enjoy more comfortable daily activity and exercise

Body Lifts & Thigh Lifts in Costa Rica

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