Cosmetic Body Surgeries, Arm Lift, Costa RicaWith age, your upper arm skin can become loose and flabby. If you want to tighten this skin and look toned and fit, an arm lift could be your solution. An arm lift, also known as brachioplasty, is a cosmetic body surgery that removes loose skin and excess fat deposits from your upper arms.

An arm lift is not just a cosmetic surgery to get smoother, more defined upper arms. For people who have lost a substantial amount of weight (80 lbs or more), there can be excess skin left behind that the body can’t reabsorb, and that looks flabby.

Arm lifts have become a very popular plastic surgery procedure. In 2012, more than 15,000 upper arm lifts were performed in the United States, up from 300 in 2000, according to a report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Having an arm lift in Costa Rica is a smart alternative to high-priced cosmetic surgeries in North America that are normally not covered by insurance. Arm lifts in Costa Rica are a safe, affordable cosmetic body surgery performed by highly-skilled surgeons.

How is Arm Lift surgery done?

Arm lifts are a minor cosmetic surgery performed under general anesthesia. The area to be altered is the entire length of the upper arm from shoulder and armpit to the elbow, on both arms. In some arm lift cases, your plastic surgeon may suggest that liposuction be used to remove excess fat in the upper arms. Depending upon what you need and the amount of trace scarring you are comfortable with, there are three different approaches.

Limited Incision Arm Lift

In limited incision brachioplasties, as the name suggests, a small incision is made near the armpit and the skin is “tucked in”, along with any tiny pockets of fat, as long as they do not threaten to be too visible. However, this procedure is not suitable if you have excess skin all along your arms; it works best if you only have a little loose skin near the upper part of your arm, around the armpit area – the so called “chicken-wings” or “bat wings”.

Standard Arm Lift

A standard brachioplasty involves an incision applied along the length of the upper arm to fold the skin and remove the excess. The result is an appropriately toned upper arm.

Extended Arm Lift

With an extended brachioplasty, the incision is taken beyond the armpit back down the side of the chest wall, and skin is folded in all along the way. This procedure is extremely useful for people with weight-loss-related extra loose skin on the upper part of their torso. It also helps give the chest definition.

What is recovery like after an Arm Lift in Costa Rica?

Recovery time after arm lift surgery is relatively short, with close monitoring for at least 48 hours, and use of complete bandaging for the first 3 – 7 days. Bathing will need to be monitored closely to not get the wound wet. With good wound hygiene and proper medication, healing occurs steadily. Complete wound healing and recovery lasts up to six weeks after the surgery. The process may be a little longer in diabetics and people with any low grade chronic diseases.

Heavy lifting or abrasive forms of exercise are restricted, along with any activities that cause undue stretching of the upper arms. Scarring will gradually fade; topical creams may help scars fade faster.

Benefits of Arm Lifts

  • Removes excess upper-arm skin and fat that may resemble “bat or chicken wings”
  • Takes care of loose skin from substantial weight loss
  • Have shapelier arms
  • Wear sleeveless shirts again without embarrassment
  • Improve your self-image

Arm Lifts in Costa Rica

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