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Oncology is the medical specialty of physicians that diagnose and treat cancer. A doctor that specializes in oncology is called an oncologist.

Cancer is actually a number of different diseases that are closely related. Different types of cancer require different types of treatment, and it’s the job of an oncologist to diagnose the type of cancer, establish how advanced it is, and to select and administer the most appropriate treatments.

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells in an organ. Read more

As these cells grow, they may become tumors, and as their size increases, and depending on their location, they tend to obstruct or affect the affected organ or the organs that are nearby. With time, the cancerous process transmits itself to other organs that could be far from the original organ, a process called metastasis.

One of the keys to cancer is to prevent it. While the true causes of cancer are still unknown, there are some factors that have shown to have a strong correlation with cancer. These include smoking, bad diet, environmental factors, genetics, exposure to radiation, certain infections, obesity, lack of exercise, and pollution.

Once cancer is detected, non-surgical treatments may be recommended. If the cancer is advanced enough, the surgical removal of the tumor may be the recommended option. Each patient has to be evaluated by an oncologist to assess his or her situation.

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