Women suffering from breast cancer choose breast reconstruction surgery to regain their breasts that have been lost following a mastectomy (removal of the breast in order to treat breast cancer), or affected by a lumpectomy (when a lump is removed from the breast).  Breast reconstructive surgery can help renew a woman’s sense of femininity and beauty by recreating both the size and shape of their natural breasts, and in many cases improving them.

Seventy-five percent of women who have mastectomies go on to have surgical reconstruction of one or both breasts.

Breast reconstruction surgery is a commonly performed cosmetic body surgery for medical travelers.  Breast reconstruction surgery in Costa Rica is a smart alternative to high-priced cosmetic surgeries in North America that are often not covered by insurance.  Breast reconstruction surgery in Costa Rica is a safe, effective and affordable cosmetic body surgery performed by highly-skilled surgeons, and which provides long-lasting, beautiful results.

How is Breast Reconstruction surgery done?

Reconstructive breast surgery is a major surgery that often requires more than one procedure.  Patients may choose to receive breast reconstruction at the same time as their mastectomy or wait until they have healed.  Breast reconstruction includes a variety of procedures performed to restore the form and shape of the breast after mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery. Factors such as individual anatomy, aesthetic goals and the need for any post-surgical chemotherapy or radiation will determine your options.

The three basic options for breast reconstruction surgery include: implants, fat transfer, and a combination of the two.

Implants: Breast reconstruction surgery with implants uses saline or silicone gel breast implants to reconstruct one or both breasts.  Your surgeon will insert an implant with a valve between your skin and chest muscles that will slowly, over several months, have fluid or silicone added as the tissue expands and stretches to accommodate the size of breast that you want.

Fat transfer: Breast reconstruction with fat transfer (also called flap reconstruction) involves gathering fat by liposuction from other parts of the patient’s body – the stomach, thighs or butt – to create a new breast mound and nipple.  Breast reconstruction using skin and tissue flaps from your own body can look and feel more like a natural breast than reconstruction with implants; however, this procedure is more complex and invasive and can leave scars in the areas from which the tissue was taken.

What is recovery like after Breast Reconstruction surgery in Costa Rica?

After breast reconstruction surgery, you will likely experience swelling, bruising and pain.  This can be effectively treated with various medications, which your doctor will prescribe for you.

Reconstruction with implants is the simplest and least painful of the surgeries and has the shortest recuperation time.  Typically, most women are able to do most routine activities within two to three weeks.  Fat transfer (flap) procedures, which require surgery in two areas, are more demanding and recuperation varies, depending on which area was affected.  Keep in mind that there is an unpredictable absorption rate of fat, so results are not entirely predictable.  In general, you are not allowed to strain or lift for six weeks.

Benefits of Breast Reconstruction surgery

  • Restore the shape and size of breasts after a mastectomy or lumpectomy
  • Bring the breasts into better proportion with the rest of the body
  • Improve symmetry if only one breast is affected
  • Help restore feelings of femininity and confidence in your appearance
  • Boost confidence and improve body image

Breast Reconstruction surgery in Costa Rica

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